President Buhari Foreign treatment 

President Buhari’s Foreign Treatment: A Slap on Nigeria’s Medical Sector

The state of health of President Muhammad Buhari has been a major concern for Nigerian citizens; coupled with his foreign treatment.
This has generated negative criticism and that singular decision had done enough damage than good on the budget of the economy.
Nigerians are not happy about him traveling abroad for medical treatment when we have capable Doctors here to handle this illness.
“The money that would have been used to expand the business and education sector of the country is been used yo treat one whose lifespan is limited”,said Uchendu Chidinma.
According to an anonymous source;”Buhari has rendered Nigeria Medical system useless and its Doctors incompetent.


The Intimate Stranger


So quiet but eager to talk back when I speak
I am so quiet eager to talk back when he speaks
We sitting in silence waiting to hear each other speak
I crave for exchange of words with him
Something about being with him makes me wanna be perfect
I know he isn’t mine and I know am his nobody has to know
Don’t even know if am fine with that but it seems to be enough
What isn’t enough is actually being with him,
it seems not to satisfy me to just be with him or even under the sheets with him it really isn’t enough
Am I just being a woman seeking attention?
No its more than being a woman, have never wanted anybody to talk me as much as I want him to just talk to me
I think I just heard him say something in reality
He finally said something, I could hear him say something finally
What did he say? Oh he just coughed
And we are back to where we started
So quiet but eager to talk back if I speak
I am quiet eager to talk back if he speaks
We sitting in silence waiting to hear each other speak
And I am still craving for exchange of words with him.


This is my first call to apologize and am hoping that my friends will pick up so i could apologize for disappearing on you for no good excuse because there is not a reason

I have been through so much, just some dark days but the clouds are gone and my days are brighter, now this is my message to you in this post.


F.Y.I :  i know you missed me, i missed me too



The hands that write the words that fade
the face that smiles with a frown
the words that light the heart with darkness
the imagination that builds without a foundation

The hearts that bleed with pain that attracts
the teeth that bites to heal
the words that kill to give life
the thought that blinds, only to let the blindness lead

The mind that wanders to direct
the body that deceives to convince
the eyes that seduce to destroy
the thought that captivates for our release

We all have stories
some we tell, some we don’t
some last forever, some stay hidden
some stories of sadness, some of lust
some dreams never heard

Such is the irony of life,
we all want to be heard but never speak
we all want to be consoled but never mourn
We all choose to wear a facade

Burning deeply with emotion
covering what we feel, with what we want to feel


I must say that my thoughts of you are biased
because of how my heart and body is drawn to you
reason why there is a problem in the first place

I do shake my head
when i watch you with my eyes and heart
you seem to owe everyone but yourself a favor

Your feelings would always seem like a stagnated river to me
i see you try to push them away with one hand
and pull them with the other

Your dimples and lips take us all to paradise
a paradise in hell
a hell of soft clouds of pain

I do not blame you
i blame myself
i blame myself for begging to be in your hell

I begged you because i thought i was alone
till i saw
the demons in the future i thought was your past

I could be angry but it would be unfair
for i am only a slave
a slave with every right except the right to have my rights

So in silence i would watch
watch with my eyes and heart
as you enjoy the pressure of pleasing every curve


Let’s guess what am writing about

My beauty is my pain
my beauty is my joy
my beauty is my death
my beauty is my resurrection
my beauty is my weakness
my beauty is my strength

It is a part of me
If it’s all you love me for
you will be everything but my happiness.


This is like a summary of everything that’s been in my head this week, I only saw one person that agreed with me but here it goes.

We live watching the sun come up and down for the moon
Its the same thing we hear in the same class but with different students and probably teachers bringing a different approach giving the illusion of change

Plato asked us to remain where we belong but chaos will remain as long as we seek change by trying to belong somewhere else
Is modification, growth and development change?

The need to survive has always been it all, the need to survive gave birth to what you call change, the need to feed, communicate and be comfortable. These needs gave birth to anything and everything from technology to social media. If communication isn’t change then why should social media be considered as change. If history always repeats itself how then is change

We would keep evolving around survival
We survive in difference and style but we all survive


In noise we hide our thoughts,

Bury our victory and fears and live in a lie of love

In silence is victory

As it brings us to our fear and feeds us with courage to fail till we succeed

Silence in peace and peace in silence makes the mind quiet

Can man find silence?

Yes, man can

Will man choose silence?

No, man won’t

We cloud ourselves and remain in the market place

Because the sound of buying and selling makes us feel alive

We remain in the market place

To feel like we have a place

The truth we deny is

There is no place but in our silence, for in our silence will we find peace



It’s all been said and done
but the words I write
are a true expression of what I feel
but not a justification of what I feel

That white boy in my dreams
that makes my fantasy a reality
that makes me smile when the sun hits my face
that inspires me

He might not know it but……
his words pierce my very soul
his smile inspires me
his touch is my prison

There is no end to the love that binds us
but only a wish to stay this way even till eternity
If it wasn’t made to be, then we would defy fate
against all odds and details

Locked in his heart
captured in his eyes
stuck in his arms



Hi! I’m individual
I am dark, of average height.
My favorite color is black
I am from Ondo , and I live in Lagos
Um?? I forgot to mention my age
I really don’t know when I was born,
where I was born or who gave birth to me
How old am I??
I am of average height
maybe I am 18
then again, I am very hyper
I might just be 10
but I always feel weak
so I might be 48
I am experiencing changes
so I might be 14
but I want to get married so bad
so I am 28
I like boys
I think am 16
all I want to do is make money
so I am 26
I love going to church
I must be 50
Guess I have no idea
so I will live each day in any age I want to,
I will only be as old as I think I am.